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How Do I Reduce The Size Of My Photos?

If you are having trouble uploading photo's this could be associated with image size on slow connections. Firefox and/or Google Chrome are modern browsers that resize photo's automatically. If you like you can download either of these to use. If you are using Internet Explorer, try using a program called 'Paint' to reduce to size of your photo's.

To do this, simply follow the steps bellow.

  1. Go to 'Start' menu or 'Windows Icon' on your Desktop, this should be located on the
    left side of the screen.
  2. In the 'Search Program and Files' field, type 'Paint', then Click the 'Paint' button.
  3. This will 'Open Paint', when this happens, go to step 4.
  4. Click 'Paint/File' menu located on the top left of the program and you will view options to 'Save, Open' etc.
  5. Click 'Open' and a dialog box will pop up. Locate the folder where your photo's that you wish to resize are, then click 'Open' on the photo you have selected to resize, this will open the photo in 'Paint'.
  6. On the Home Tab of Paint, in the image group, click 'Resize'.
  7. In the 'Resize and Skew' dialog box, select the 'Maintain Aspect Ratio' check box
    so that the resized photo will have the same 'Aspect Ratio' as the original photo.
    Note :- If the 'Maintain Aspect Ratio' check box is selected, you will only need to enter
    the 'Horizontal Value' (width) or 'Vertical Value' (height). The other box in the
    resize area is automatically updated.
  8. Do only one of the following
    • a- To resize a photo by a certain percentage, click 'Percentage', then enter a percentage to reduce the width by in the 'Horizontal' box or enter a percentage to reduce by in the 'Vertical' box, then click 'OK'.
    • b- To resize your desired photo so that it's a specific size, click 'Pixels', then enter a new width in the 'Horizontal' box or a new height in the 'Vertical' box. Which ever that is done first, the other will update automatically, then click 'OK'.
  9. Click the 'Paint/ File' menu button,
    Point to 'Save As', then click the picture file type for the resized photo.
  10. Type in a new file name in the 'File Name Box' then click 'Save'
    Note :- Save it to an easily found file, eg. 'Desktop'
  11. Now that your photo's have been resized, you can now upload these to your ad.
How Do I Reply To An Ad?
  1. Once you have found an item that you wish to view, the contact information of the 'Seller' is located on the bottom left of their ad.
  2. There are two ways to reply to an ad.
    a: If the 'Seller' has submitted a phone number, you will be able to contact them directly
    through that number.
    b: If no phone number is supplied, the 'Seller' will provide an E-mail address to be contacted on.
  3. Contact the 'Seller' to discuss the item and a possible viewing.
How To Delete My Ad?
  1. Sign in using your E-mail address and your Passcode that you used to first register.
  2. Click on 'My Account' to view your Dashboard.
  3. Click on 'Manage My Ads'.
  4. Find your item that you wish to delete. Click 'Delete'.
  5. Your ad will be deleted instantly.
I Have Not Received An E-mail Confirmation Of My Ad Posting.
  • All photo's submitted may take up to 8 hours to be confirmed.
  • Check 'Junk or Spam' folders to see if your confirmation e-mail was sent there.
  • If you still have not received your confirmation e-mail, contact us
What If I Forgot My Password?
  1. On the home page click 'Sign In'
  2. Click on 'Lost Password'
  3. Enter your E-mail address, click 'Retrieve'
  4. Your 'Password' will then be sent to your registered E-mail address.